Life has so much to offer – let us honor its special moments with you! Whether you are planning a fabulous honeymoon, a busy bachelor or bachelorette weekend, or a milestone birthday, with Landmark’s travel team, you’ll always be in good hands.


Calling all celebration squads! Let’s plan your perfect weekend.

  • Customizable Itineraries for some of the most popular domestic celebration spots, such as Charleston, Savannah, and Nashville
  • Vetted activities, from relaxing spa days to living nights out
  • Transportation Coordination and handling logistics for flights, airport transfers, party buses
  • Negotiated Group rates and discounts
  • VIP Access from our hotel partners


Normalizing going above and beyond on a day all about you!

  • Itineraries catered just for you with your favorite things in mind
  • Memorable moments from surprise celebrations to grand birthday dinners
  • Special birthday package from our hotel partners
  • Preferred rates for groups
  • VIP Access from our hotel partners
  • Travel logistics seamlessly planned


Now that we are post-pandemic, it’s time to reconnect with the whole family after years apart

  • Accommodation variety for groups and families of all sizes
  • Destination selection with attractions and activities suited for the younger and older generations alike
  • Special needs consideration for elder or young child travelers
  • Preferred rates for groups
  • Culturally immersive activities that allow families to connect to the customs and traditions of wherever they travel


Now that we are post-pandemic, it’s time to reconnect with the whole family after years apart

  • Cozy accommodations from boutique hotels to beachfront resorts, rich with romantic ambiance
  • Special celebration coordination, such as private dinners and spa treatments
  • Customized itinerary designed to highlight your love story
  • Exclusive access to private tours or events, with VIP treatment at hotels
  • Photography and documentation of your trip to share with family and friends