Introducing Landmark Destinations!

First and foremost, we want to seize this opportunity to offer you insights into Landmark Destinations, the exciting new luxury travel agency brought to you by Landmark Hospitality.

Emerging from the vibrant landscape of Landmark’s rapid development since the pandemic, Landmark Destinations is now a thrilling reality. We extend a warm welcome to our esteemed Landmark Family, as well as new clients, inviting all to embark on this exciting adventure with us.

At the helm of this venture is John Williams, our Senior Vice President of Sales, and Guest Experience at Landmark Hospitality. The launch of Landmark Destinations represents a consolidation of our well-established Landmark Destination Weddings alongside a new array of travel options for life’s many celebrations, all conveniently accessible in one place. Guided by our experienced destination wedding concierge, Grace Bonaguro, and her dedicated team of advisors, Landmark Destinations is already proud member of the Travel Leaders Network, boasting numerous preferred partners within the tourism industry.

In July 2023, we were thrilled to welcome Macie Strum as our Destination Events and Luxury Travel Manager. Macie brings a wealth of experience, having worked in both leisure and corporate travel. Her extensive first-hand travel experiences, including living in Rome, Italy as an au pair in 2021, have enriched her understanding of diverse cultures and destinations. Macie’s mission is to empower globetrotters to “travel like they mean it.”

“Travel like you mean it” is a guiding philosophy that encourages individuals to approach their journeys with intention, enthusiasm, and purpose. It embodies the belief that travel should be more than a mere physical transition between places; it should be a profound and meaningful exploration that leaves a lasting impact. Rather than treating travel as a checklist, this mantra encourages travelers to fully immerse themselves in the journey, embracing new cultures, engaging with locals, and making every moment count.

In alignment with this philosophy, Landmark Destinations provides travelers with luxury amenities and unparalleled experiences. Although still in its early stages, Landmark Destinations has exciting plans on the horizon, including teaming up with hotel for partnerships (we are proud to be partnered with Auberge Resorts Collection, Belmond Hotels, and Melia right now), exclusive packages curated by our favorite influencers, VIP access for Landmark Club Members, and much more.

We are elated to have you join us on this remarkable journey with Landmark Destinations.

Stay tuned for more adventures and safe travels ahead!